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The PK 200002 L SH lorry crane is a long knuckle boom crane designed for operations with high outreach. It has high mobility and a hydraulic lifting height up to 49 meters.

L a t e s t   N e w s   &   E v e n t s
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Palfinger Crayler

Remote controlled without putting the operator at risk. Superior weight-to-lift ratio, operate effectively even in rough terrain and in confined areas.

Waste Compactor

Equipped with enhanced safety features and improved performance, this is the smart solution to waste management.


Using an electro-hydraulic driven system with a steel or aluminum platform, tailgates are the ideal equipments for loading and unloading goods from the vehicle decks.

Alke Electric Vehicle

Professional transport vehicles made in Italy, designed to be used in the toughest and most demanding conditions.

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