Product Launch – OMB LEGEND Rear End Loader (REL) with +B-Connect

SINGAPORE, 25 July 2019

We launched and demonstrated the OMB LEGEND Rear End Loader with +B-Connect for our customers on 25 July 2019. It is a classic rear end loader coupled with tailgate and smart technology, an ideal choice for your waste collection service.

Its features include but not limited to:
1. Reducing the wear and tear of the container with optimised AVC unit movement, accelerating and slowing down of hydraulic system when needed.
2. Automatic pre-locking of the container which guarantees a secure grip before the lifting phase.
3. Optional control panel in the cabin allowing real-time equipment operation diagnostics.
4. Position of the AVC controls allows the operator to work conveniently close to the container handling area yet it is still within the safe zone.
5. Low loading level which makes it easier for manual loading.
6. +B-Connect, a hard- and software architecture integrated to provide real-time and total control of the machine at any time, enhancing operational benefits.

Find out more about its features and be the leading service provider in your industry today!

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