ZuKun – Smart Solutions by Wong Fong Advanced Engineering (WFAE),
offers a series of intelligent and fully customisable solutions, ranging from IoT to highly precise load cells.

Topping on our top-notch engineering expertise, we are the one-stop solution provider for any unique engineering requirements within. Our team of engineers can undertake full turnkey projects to provide optimal solutions for your engineering needs. From customised designs to fabrication, installation, and IoT, ZuKun is able to provide the best solutions to our customers getting them to stay ahead of technology.

On-Board Weighing System

Installation of on-board weighing systems reduces the risk of overloading trucks and unnecessary maintenance cost, simultaneously maximises productivity by eliminating instances of underloading. The display shows the weight of the payload at any loading site, saving time and increasing operational efficiency. The data is recorded digitally ensuring that there is transparency.

Air Pressure Transducers

Leaf Spring + Air Pressure Suspension, Air Pressure Transducers

Mechanical Axle Transducers

Leaf Spring Suspension Mechanical Axle Transducers

Hydraulic Load Indication

Forklift Trucks

Load Cell

Leaf Spring + Air Pressure Suspension, Air Pressure Transducers

Key Features

  • Compact and robust design
  • Easy to operate
  • Shows gross and net payload weights
  • Recording functions
  • Accuracy ± 1.5%
  • Anti-tampering
  • 12/24V power supply
  • Add-ons available for extra features

Optional Equipment

  • GPS 8 printer
  • Fleet management
  • Wireless remote
  • Bluetooth


ZUKUN ASCS is a high-performance system which can monitor stabilisation with variable outrigger spread (instead of 3 positions). The intelligent software will thus adjust the lorry crane load limiter accordingly. In this way, the lorry crane lifting capacity can be fully optimised for operation.

ZUKUN ASCS system acts as a supervisor, it ensures all the goods handling can be carried out without any damage for the lorry crane while varying its capacity. It also ensures the safety of the operator and prevents goods from damaging.

ZUKUN ASCS system is created according to the technical features of the manufacturer. It is made in the conformity with the requirement of UNI EN ISO 13849-1 and UNI EN ISO 13849-2 PL d.


ZuKun SCS for Lorry Crane


ZuKun SCS for Lorry Crane


ZuKun SCS for Lorry Crane


ZuKun SCS for Lorry Crane


ZuKun SCS for Lorry Crane


The lorry crane operation is divided into 4 directional zones – Rear, Left, Right and Front. The Right and Left zone lifting capacity is determined by the status of the working zones outrigger and stabilisers.

Integrated Waste Management


We continuously improve and reinvent waste management solutions by using the latest Mobility Internet of Things (M-loT) technology to generate efficient yet cost-effective solutions for Urban Material Regeneration (UMR). While keeping sustainability at the core of every solution, we provide holistic solutions that combine state-of-the-art technologies and machinery. Pairing this with our after-sales and maintenance and, we aim to make waste management easy, efficient and effective.

Integrated Waste & Fleet Management Solutions

Smart Compactor

ZUKUN SMART COMPACTOR kit can be installed onto new or existing Pöttinger compactors requiring IoT upgrade. It uses cloud technology to provide live data feeds, alerts and remote machine monitoring with the convenience of smart phone / tablet mobile apps and internet technology. It also provides operational personnel with an effective way to manage waste collection and also improve customer service levels. The dynamic monitoring system allows for measurement in waste level and provides information on the machine health.

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