Voices of Wong Fong – Episode 4: Stories Straight from Our Team

We are thrilled to introduce Qing Bo in our staff highlight series this Friday!

In 2006, Qing Bo made the tough decision to leave his family in Jiangsu, China, and move to Singapore for work, while his son was just two years old. Over the past 18 years, Qing Bo has become an integral part of our Wong Fong family.

Starting in the crane installation and servicing department, Qing Bo has worked across various areas, gaining a broad set of skills and a deep understanding of our operations. Currently, he is a valuable member of the production team in our Urban Material Regeneration Division (UMR).

Qing Bo believes that Wong Fong’s unity is what makes it special. He appreciates that our leaders and seniors are non-discriminatory and treat everyone with respect, regardless of nationality. This inclusive culture makes Qing Bo feel at ease and valued at Wong Fong.

Known for his easy-going and cheerful nature, Qing Bo brings joy and laughter to the workplace. Our interview session with him was filled with fun moments and plenty of laughs.

Don’t miss the behind-the-scenes hilarity at the end of our interview with Qing Bo! Stay tuned for more!