Wong Fong Engineering Introduces PALFINGER PKR290 for Singapore’s Railway Infrastructure Enhancement

Singapore, May 16, 2024 – Wong Fong Engineering proudly announces the successful deployment of the PALFINGER Railway crane PKR290. The equipment was recently delivered to SBS Transit’s Sengkang Depot, marking a significant milestone in enhancing Singapore’s railway infrastructure.

As a key player in Singapore’s public transport industry, SBS Transit sought a specialized solution to enhance its operations at the Sengkang Depot. Recognizing the need for a specific railway crane tailored to their requirements, SBS Transit engaged Wong Fong Engineering through an introduction by OSK Services & Enterprise PTE LTD.

The PALFINGER PKR290 Railway Crane boasts a myriad of features tailored for railway applications, including optimal lifting forces, compliance with safety standards, secure data transmission, and a versatile range of applications, among others. Deployed at Sengkang Depot , the crane will be used for railway track replacements on the North East Line (NEL).

To ensure smooth operations, SBS Transit’s engineers and technicians underwent an intensive training program conducted by Wong Fong Engineering’s senior engineers and Mr. Gerhard Roider, the experienced railway technician from our principal, PALFINGER, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate operational complexities effectively. The collaborative effort between Wong Fong Engineering, PALFINGER, and SBS Transit underscores a shared commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

As Singapore’s public transport sector continues to evolve, Wong Fong Engineering remains committed to delivering excellence in engineering solutions, and we look forward to future collaborations aimed at advancing Singapore’s infrastructure development.

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