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Our Visit to Pöttinger’s New Office

Our team recently had the pleasure of visiting the impressive new four-story office building of Pöttinger Entsorgungstechnik GmbH in Taufkirchen, Munich. This stunning building features a 2200 m² production hall, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Constructed with sustainable materials and incorporating Feng Shui design principles, the building also features a 160 kWp photovoltaic plant, ensuring a healthy and eco-friendly workspace. The rooftop offers a stunning recreation area with views of the Marigold Stone and a 22-meter-long flower bed, providing a perfect retreat for employees to recharge.

This year marks a significant milestone for both Wong Fong and Pöttinger – our 60th and their 150th anniversaries, respectively. Wong Fong wishes Pöttinger a joyous anniversary and looks forward to many more years of growth and partnership. Here’s to a bright and sustainable future together!

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